Monthly Archives: July 2016

Knocked Out by Google? Here Is How to Recover

Have the recent updates by Google scrapped your website’s ranking on the search results? There is no need to panic, because this situation is entirely reversible if you can identify the spots in your website’s design and your SEO strategy where Google has cried “Blasphemy!” You can get back all your glory in the search results by following a step-by-step recovery manoeuvre.

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Scrap Copper Categories

The world has been suffering from pollution for a while now and people are getting affected as well while this is going on. That is why it is uplifting to see groups of people standing up to do something, even in the simplest of ways. There are people who are building up large scale and small scale campaigns against the use of fossil fuel, throwing garbage everywhere, and other things that destroys the environment. Other people promote the use of alternative energy sources like solar power, wind power and the likes. There are also groups who are campaigning to urge people to recycle.

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How to Start a Scrap Metal Business

The scrap metal industry is what many people refer to as a recession proof business. Scrap yards thrive through the good and bad, because they always make a certain amount on the metals no matter what the price is. This is called the mark-up. Your mark-up must be high enough to make a profitable living, but small enough so that you can stay competitive with the competition. Now day’s people know that their metal is worth something. Some may not know exactly what, but if you give an honest price to each customer you will continue to do business with them.

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